Subway Surfers app for ios and android

A few days back while surfing through the app store I came across Subway Surfers, I went ahead and gave it a shot. The game is basically for kids but they are not merely confined to kids alone these days, but I can’t say the same for the theme of the game where the player goes on evading police and painting graffiti on trains.

subway surfers game review

The theme in simplicity is where in the character goes on running along a set of subway tracks for as long as possible, collecting coins and other power ups along the way while avoiding the many obstacles like real trains, lamp posts, wooden fences, tunnels and more essentially all those thing you normally see on a railway track the game ends when the surfer either stumbles and is apprehended or crashes into the various obstacles along the tracks. Maneuvering the game is also easier than expected you can swipe your finger left or right on the screen to make the character change between one of the three tracks, the controls are definitely responsive. Many power ups along the way certainly gives the game the needed variety to the game which also helps in improving your score.

subway surfers game

The Jetpack and Coin magnet helps you to earn a ton of coins. The jet pack allows launching the character above the train tracks to grab coins. The Sneakers and multiplier boosts are temporary boosts which increase the characters running speed but you will end up doing more damages than any good, unless you get a hang of it. You can also complete a series of missions that can help you gain more points along the way. The power-ups also include few additional onetime items like the hover board allowing the character run along the overhead wires, which can be upgraded with the coins you collect while playing. There is also an option to buy coins if needed but I would rather advise against it since you can earn them at a fairly swift pace.

Subway surfers certainly has a good amusement value for it the game play is addictive and is technically good, the design of the character is good and has a adorable look to them, the settings are vibrant and bright and I would say the graphics on the game is also pretty good for a mobile game. The sound is really good, plenty of sound effects and some really great music.

The few turn off I found was it take many hours of play to earn enough coins to unlock some of the characters in the game also it makes a very little effort to stand out from the other endless runner. It is essentially another version of an endless runner that plays just like Temple run, but the major difference is there are some exciting twists in the game which makes it a little more entertaining than most of the game out there today.

The game is available on all the major mobile platforms